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Royal Oak Lane, Aubourn, Lincoln LN5 9DT.  01522 788291

The Royal Oak

Main Menu

All our food is prepared in a Kitchen where Nuts and Cereals containing Gluten and other allergens are present.  If you have a food allergy, please let us know.   We do not include all Ingredients on the menu.   Full allergen information is available.   Our fish may contain small bones.


Home Made Soup of The Day served with a Bread Roll ~ £4.50

Chef’s Combo For Two ~ £5.95/£10.95

Good Olde Prawn Cocktail (bound with Marie Rose Sauce)

served with Brown Bread and Butter ~ £5.95       

Black Pudding and Bacon Salad sat on Mixed Dressed Salad ~ £5.95

Grilled Chicken Strips topped with Barbecue Sauce and Melted Saxon Cheese ~ £6.25

Battered Mozzarella Cheese served with Red Onion Chutney ~ £5.90         

House Pate of the Day with Home Made Chutney and Sliced Granary Baguette ~ £6.10      

Battered Wedges of Brie served with Cranberry Dip  ~ £5.75

Old Favourite Mussels in a Lemon, Cream White Wine Sauce with Bread for the juice served in a Mussel Kettle for Maximum Flavour ~ £6.95

Pan Fried King Prawns with Peppers and Chilli Sauce ~ £6.95

Whitebait served on Mixed Salad with Tartare Sauce ~ £6.00

     Fresh Grilled Goats Cheese drizzled with honey ~ £5.95

Baked Camembert served with Cranberry Dip and pieces of Warm Baguette ~ £5.95

Chefs Battered Mushrooms with Garlic Mayonnaise ~ £5.50   

Home Made Loaded Potato Skins with Cheese, Onion, Bacon and Barbecue Sauce (available as a vegetarian option without Bacon) served with a Sour Cream Dip ~ £6.25

Olive Selection and Gherkins with Balsamic Dressing and Crusty Sliced Bread ~ £4.95


All Beef Steaks served with Sauté Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Peas and Home Made Onion Rings.  All weights shown are the uncooked weight.

All meals served with Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad with Dressing and Chips or Potatoes

8 oz. Rump Steak ~ £14.90

10 oz. Sirloin Steak ~ £17.95

16 oz. Rump Steak ~ £24.95

8 oz. Prime Fillet Steak ~ £22.00

8oz Lamb Rump ~ £15.75

Grilled Chicken Breast ~ £13.75

Why not order a Sauce to accompany your Steak?

( Green Peppercorn and Brandy,Pepper, Stilton, Dianne, Cream of Mushroom or Butter and Parsley)

Royal Oak Grill (Pork Sirloin, Gammon Steak, Lamb Steak, 4oz Rump, Lambs Liver, Lincolnshire Sausage, Black Pudding, Tomato, Mushrooms, Home Made Onion Rings and Fried Egg) ~ £21.50

10 oz. or 5 oz  Gammon Steak (Served with either Egg, Pineapple or Barbecue Sauce and Melted Cheese, why not have more than one? Each extra topping 75p) ~ £13.25 / £8.25   

Half Rack of Belly Ribs Combo with either Chicken, 4 oz Steak with Home Made Onion Rings (The Ribs are smothered in Barbeque Sauce) ~ £15.50     


All Meals served with Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad with Dressing and Chips or Potatoes

Traditional Beef and Ale Pie ~ £11.95

Please see the Special Boards for the Pie of The Week


All Meals served with Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad with Dressing and Chips or Potatoes

Rib of Belly Pork/Half Rib smothered in Barbecue Sauce served with 3 Meaty Ribs Standard/2 in Small Portion ~ £15.25/£12.95

Lambs Liver and Bacon sat on Minted Mash Potato smothered with Red Onion Gravy ~ £9.95

8oz Lambs Rump sat on Minted mash Potatoes with Redcurrant Jus ~ £14.95

Royal Oak Chilli Con Carne served with Garlic Bread ~ £10.95

Royal Oak Rib Tower Duo of Pork Ribs, Battered Chicken and Rump Steak Strips Topped with Melted Cheese and Barbeque Sauce ~ £16.95

Chef’s Cottage Pie (Minced Beef) topped with Cheesey Mash Potato ~ £10.95

Trio of Lincolnshire Sausages sat on a Creamy Mash Potato with Rich Onion Gravy ~ £9.95

 Grilled Pork Sirloin Steak with Melted Cheese, Bacon, Barbecue Sauce, Garlic Bread, Wedges and Mixed Salad ~ £12.95

Beef Stroganoff (Onions, Paprika, Brandy and Cream) with Rice ~ £14.95





Home Made Lasagne  served with either Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Dressed Salad and Chips or Potatoes ~ £10.95


Tagliatelle Dishes

Served with Garlic Bread and Mixed Dressed Salad

(Small or Standard Portions are Available)

Seafood Pasta Cod, Mussels and Prawns in a Creamy Garlic White Wine Sauce ~ £8.45/£12.95

Salmon and Broccoli Pasta Salmon, Red Onions, Garlic, Balsamic and Basil in a Light Cajun Cream ~ £7.95/£12.00

Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara with egg yolk ~ £8.95/£12.95  

Chicken, Chorizio and Bacon bound in a Spicy Tomato and Basil Sauce ~ £8.95/ £12.95

King Prawn, Salmon and Chorizo Bake served in Chef’s Tomato Sauce ~ £9.95/£13.95

3 Cheese Pasta Bake with Onions, Mushrooms and Peppers ~ £6.50/£10.50



All Meals served with Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad with Dressing and Chips or Potatoes

Chicken Stuffed with Lincolnshire Sausage with Green Peppercorn Sauce ~ £12.95

Chicken Breast with Melted Cheese, Bacon and Barbecue Sauce ~ £11.95

Chicken Stroganoff Royal Oak Style ~ £12.95

Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Smoked Saxon Cheese Stack in a pool of Smoked Bacon with Chef’s own Recipe Smoky Sauce ~ £12.95                


All Meals served with Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Dressed Salad and Chips or Potatoes

Whole Tail Breaded Scampi ~ £11.95

Home Made Fish Goujons in Indian Batter Served in a bowl of Salad with a Sweet Chilli Dressing ~ £10.95

Royal Oak Mussels in Garlic Cream Sauce served in a Mussel Kettle ~ £11.25

Royal Oak Sharing Fish Platter Home Made Breaded Fish Goujons, Battered Haddock, Prawns, Scampi and White Bait with Marie Rose and Tartare Sauce ~ £21.95

A Single Royal Oak Fish Platter ~ £11.95

Grilled Salmon Steak with Parsley Butter ~ £11.95       

King Prawn Rissotto served with Garlic Bread ~ £12.95

Grilled Seabass Fillet topped with Herb Butter (or Prawn Sauce £3.50 extra) ~ £13.95



All Meals served with either Market Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad and Chips or Potatoes


Vegetable Chilli Risotto ~ £10.95

Vegetable Lasagne with Garlic Bread ~ £9.95

Vegetable Curry ~ £10.95

Mushroom Stroganoff ~ £11.95

Trio of Vegetarian Sausage and Mash ~ £9.95



Garlic Bread ~ £2.85

Garlic Bread with Cheese ~ £3.25

Homemade Onion Rings ~ £3.50

Sauté Mushrooms ~ £3.50

Mixed Salad ~ £2.20

Chips ~ £3.00

Small Chips ~ £1.65

Wedges ~ £3.20

Sweet Potato Fries ~ £3.20

New Potatoes ~ £3.00

Cracked Black Pepper Sauce ~ £3.00

Dianne Sauce (Mushroom, French Mustard and Brandy) ~ £3.00

Chasseur Sauce (Tarragon, Mushroom, Onion, Tomato, White Wine) ~ £3.00

Stilton Sauce ~ £3.00

Green Peppercorn Sauce with Brandy ~ £3.50

Homemade Coleslaw ~ £3.00

Selection of Olives ~ £3.50